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We can create sites from the idea and design, to the full launch. It can be as simple or complex interfaces to sites or document management systems, acquiring systems, etc.

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We can come up with names, logos, create the visual system and to describe the brandbook. If you draw a new product or a brand, perhaps going to make rebranding - we are ready to do a decent job.

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Mobile Apps

We can create mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms, and subsequently published in the App Store and Google Play. Also provide technical support to the stable operation of applications developed by us.

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We are not only talented and experienced designers, but also experts in the field of branding, advertising and technology development / support sites.

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The most important thing to us is
building products people love.



We are know how to maintain strong friendships.

  • Nazir is "post-crisis" figure in the history of DEFA. For 4 years it artdirektorstva our projects have become more serious, severe, in some cases even elegant. Moreover, Nazir - very pleasant, intelligent man. I wish him success and prosperity of the studio.

    Dmitri Kozlov
    Group of company DEFA

  • We were lucky, Nazir came to our Hungry Boys as a design director, and together we made a few excellent, functional, really beautiful projects. During this time we were able to assess the quality and efficiency of its work, and most importantly our readiness to implement conceived creative and bring it along to perfection and is especially important for us. We have worked perfectly and now that Nazir together with a partner opened his own studio, we continue to work closely and look forward to interesting and mutually beneficial cooperation.

    Vladilen Sitnikov
    Hungry Boys Agency

  • As an agency, we Nazir made several successful projects, and I hope we'll do more. There is a reason. The first - at the Nazira has a distinctive style. This means that it will not appeal to all customers, but for sure there will be those who will like it very much, and they will choose it.
    Second - Nazir adult and figuratively. This means that the agency with him is very easy to operate. He knows how to listen and hear the client, it is well organized and can withstand periods, with Nasir really comfortable - it has many years of experience in the most famous studios, and is a professional school, which does not replace talent.
    Third reason for the almost mythic - Nazir brings good luck. This is no joke. The first site that we did with Nazir after its publication and launch content for six months raised customer sales in five (!) Times. The client nothing has changed, but a new site to replace the old, and such a success. We are very pleased that Nazir finally own studio and hope now he will be time for our customers.

    Sergey Isakov
    ICOM Agancy

  • I met with the studio during the development of the site for the company "Delis Archive." Acting representative of the customer, as well as many in these situations, worried that the investment is not justified and I will stress the labor market. But I was lucky with the choice. The boys appeared by professionals in all aspects - design, working with the customer, project management. And work with Nazir remember that the design concept is established from the first time, the project was put ahead of, and investment in a multiple site materialize.

    Alexander Fouks
    Commercial director of Delis Archiv

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